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These terms and conditions (from now on“Terms”) constitute the entire Agreement concederning the provision of transportation service (from now on “Service”) between you and SERVIZI NCC SICILIA SOC COOP.  These Terms are in international form and therefore are written in English language. You are responsible for understanding the Terms either by using third party software (such as Google Translate) or person. Reading and accepting these Terms indicates your unconditional acceptance of the said Terms set out in this Agreement.


1. Definition 

Sicily Airports Transfer & Tour is managed from SERVIZI NCC SICILIA SOC COOP  – Address: Via Palchetto, 25 – 90135 City: Palermo PA VAT: 06878780821 – Phone no.: +39 337 962693 official e mail address :


2. Booking

2.1. You must be over 18 years old and have a valid 2Checkout account and/or credit card to use our Services.

2.2. Reservations are made online using our booking service.

2.3. Reservations must be made at least 24 hours before the trip. Reservations within said 24 hours can be made by contacting us and arranging the details personally.

2.4. You are responsible for valid and correct personal details provided to us. SERVIZI SICILIA NCC  is not responsible for failure to provide our Services if you entered incorrect information.

2.5. Person who makes the reservation with their credit card is responsible for the group they are travelling with, if such exists.

2.6. Reservation is considered completed when the payment is verified by 2Checkout and you’ve recieved the booking voucher.

2.7. We hold the rights do not accept the payment if your booking falls in special cases (stolen credit card etc.).

2.8. If the payment is accepted, you will recieve a voucher on provided e-mail which has to be shown to our drivers along with valid personal identifications such as passports.

2.9. If you do not have any valid personal identifications, we hold the right do not to provide our Services to you.

2.10. Any additional services you need (seats for children, special vehicles etc.) must be requested at booking time or we won’t be able to provide them on the spot.

2.11. SLD is responsible only for transfers booked using our booking services. We are not held responsible for arrangements made with the driver and cannot be held responsible for actions made by the said driver.


3. Booking Changes and Cancellations

3.1. change of the booking details must be done at least 48 hours before the trip start time.

3.2. Change of the transportation locations must be done 48 hours prior to the trip where the old reservation will be canceled and refunded. Cancellation fees may apply.

3.3. Any price amount difference due the reservation change will be added or subtracted from amount payed for prior reservation.

3.5. You are responsible for contacting the driver using contact information provided by the voucher if the driver is not present at the airport. If after 1 hour of waiting the driver is not still present and the transporter has been contacted, you will be refunded and able to book another vehicle.

3.6. You can free cancel at least 48 hours before trip time, any booking which you’ve made. In case of cancellation less than 48 hours prior to trip time or in case of no-show, 100 %  of total amount will be charged on your credit card.

3.7. If the service is cancelled due to natural disasters or accidents, we will refund you the full sum pre payed.


4. The Service

4.1. SERVIZI SICIIA NCC will provide the Service processionaly and in accordance to the italian law.

4.2. You will be responsible for behaviour of all passangers during the transportation service. Additional cleaning fees of at least 40€ will be applicable if the vehicle has been soiled by any of the passangers.

4.3. Smoking in the vehicles is not permitted.

4.4. Transportation vehicles and the number of passangers per vehicle information is available on our web site

4.5. We will provide the Service as agreed upon booking. Additional changes, detours and stops can be arranged with the driver where additional fees will be applicable.

4.6. SERVIZI SICIIA NCC holds the right to hire another transportation company to mediate the transfer if necessary.

4.7. If our drivers who speak English are detained or unable to drive we will supply a replacement who doesn’t necessarily have to speak English.

4.8. SERVIZI SICIIA NCC is not responsible for delays in the arrival or departure caused by unforeseeable circumstances, such as traffic crowds, extremely poor weather conditions, floods, storms, fires and so on (force major), and is not required to indemnify passengers.

4.9. Allowed delay will be up to half an hour. If our vehicles do not arrive after the appointed time, you will be eligible for a refund.

4.10. We do not guarantee the exact duration of the transfer – it’s merely an estimate.

4.11. If selected vehicle is not availible at the moment, we will send you a replacement vehicle free of charge.

4.12. We hold the right to transfer our right and obligations to a third party person or company without prior notice.


5. Safety regulations

5.1. All vehicles in our taxi fleet are inspected and ensured in accordance to the laws of the Republic of Italy.

5.2. Any passenger under the influence of banned substances such as alcohol or drugs will not be permitted to enter the vehicle. The Agreement is then terminated as specified in Termination part of the Terms.

5.3. Every passenger is obligated to use the security features in accordance to the Law of the Republic of Italy.

5.4. Any children should be restrained in the manner appropriate to their age and should be seated next to their parents if possible.


6. Liability

6.1. SERVIZI NCC SICILIA will use all reasonable endeavours to transport you to your destination in time but will not be liable for any loss due to delays caused by road or traffic conditions beyond its control on the trip. Under no circumstances we will be liable for any loss of profits, business or any other indirect or consequential loss whatever.

6.2. SERVIZI SICILIA NCC holds the right to cancel all services and provide refunds in events of declared national emergency, riot, war, fuel shortage, extreme weather or any other circumstances beyond its control.

6.3. If the transportation vehicle breaks down during the transport, we will provide you with a replacement vehicle free of charge.

6.4. By accepting these Terms you indemnify SLD against all losses, costs, damages and expenses arising from any act of any passenger in your party.

6.5. We are not responsible for lost luggage or any personal items. However, we will return those items to you if possible. Small fee may be applicable.

6.6. SERVIZI SICILIA NCC will not be held responsible for any injuries sustained during the transport if the passengers did not use safety features as instructed in “Safety Regulations“ part of the Terms.

7. Termination

7.1. We hold the right to refuse or terminate any booking with immediate effect if it places any of our drivers or vehicles at risk of damage, violence or abuse by you or any other passenger in your party and will ask the passengers to leave the vehicle as soon as it’s safe to do so. In case of termination, no refunds will be given.

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